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Competence and experience
in the aeration of wastewater.

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ENVICON Membrane and Ceramic Diffusers

ENVICON membrane and ceramic diffusers are supplied in different versions (tube diffusers and plate diffusers) and materials (EPDM, silicon, ceramic) for the waste and potable water sectors worldwide.

The appropriate materials are chosen according to the specific application. Many years’ experience and continuous cooperation with, e.g., polymer specialists, ensure constant improvement of the materials used and, thus, alignment with new environmental protection requirements, as well as economic efficiency.

Our products are characterized by high efficiency, a long service life and easy maintenance.

Reliable partners complete our program with special features (e.g., pond aeration) permanently installed and raisable aeration grids, methods of installation and flow simulators to optimally arrange the diffusers in the tank and prevent plug flows.