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The Funktionality

What is TAT-IntelliClean® ?

TAT-IntelliClean® is a patented control system to optimize aeration and the effluent quality of a wastewater treatment plant.In contrast to conventional aeration control systems, it controls aeration in a load-dependent and process-optimal manner on the basis of a fuzzy-pattern recognition process, without over-aeration (waste of energy) or under-aeration (effluent deterioration).It can frequently be financed by setting off against the wastewater levy and reduces costs of aeration energy and precipitants. Consequently, it is an optimal solution nowadays where there is a shortage of resources.You can test the TAT-IntelliClean® free of charge for 3 months at your wastewater treatment plant. We would also be pleased to demonstrate the advantages of TAT-IntelliClean® for you at your treatment plant!

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