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The Testing System

How can I test TAT-IntelliClean® free of charge?

One can promise a lot of things. We convince with our performance!

Plant-specific data is collected in an initial discussion.  During this, you tell us what you want to achieve by using the aeration control system.

We then examine whether we can achieve your goals. If we are convinced of this, we agree with you on a trial operation of 3 months, free of charge, in which we provide you with proof of the efficiency of the TAT-IntelliClean®.

You receive a final report on the results of the trial operation, which objectively describes the potential savings which can be achieved. Only if we have achieved the promised results, do you purchase the controller for permanent use.

Should, in spite of our experience, the results not meet expectations we will remove the controller again free of charge.As you can see, the trial operation involves absolutely no risks for you!

Talk to us!

We would also be pleased to demonstrate the advantages of the TAT-IntelliClean® for you at your wastewater treatment plant!